Devastated Family of Murdered Scientist Still Looking for Answers

Devastated Family of Murdered Scientist Still Looking for Answers


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Norwich, CT – On May 14, 2004, police found the badly-beaten body of Dr. Eugene Mallove outside his childhood home. Dr. Mallove was a former MIT science writer, and the founder and editor of Infinite Energy and President of the New Energy Foundation. His loss is mourned by many across the US and the rest of the world, and by scientists from many different fields. Eight months later, no arrest(s) have been made in the case.



Joanne Mallove, wife:

“An irreplaceable loss … life will never be the same. After 34 years together, we developed an understanding of each other that was precious. I didn’t have to ask my husband how he felt about this or that; I knew already how he would react. We were soul mates.”

Ethan Mallove, son:

“We’re grateful that the Norwich Police have kept us informed of the investigation, but of course, barring an arrest, our sadness deepens at the grave injustice done to such a loving human being. It’s excruciating to think about all the work and sacrifice my Dad was putting in for the betterment of our world, an effort prematurely extinguished by such a senseless and egregious crime. My family and I can never calm until those responsible for this vicious and horrific crime are held accountable.”

Kim Woodard, daughter:

“Our lives as we knew them prior to my father’s death have been shattered. The possibility of this case going unsolved devastates us even more. I cannot even express in words the pain I feel living every day without my father. When he was killed, he had just become a grandpa to his first grandchild. My father lived such a good and honest life. Among the many things that need to be done to continue the legacy he left, the most important would be to find justice for his brutal murder.”

Other friends and colleagues of Dr. Mallove came forward with their statements along with the family.

Prof. Peter Hagelstein, MIT professor, Cold Fusion physicist:


“Gene was a tireless supporter and enthusiast of ideas and people that had been pushed out from the scientific mainstream, especially in the area of new energy technology. An important contribution early on in the cold fusion area was to pen an important book [Fire from Ice] that brought to the attention of the public and other scientists some of the results, arguments and discussion surrounding the Fleischmann and Pons experiment. Over the years, Gene had provided encouragement for many working in this and in other outcast areas, and had helped arranged for support for a few efforts. In more recent times, he created Infinite Energy magazine (IE), which provided a forum for people with ideas outside of the scientific mainstream to have their say, and to allow for a circulation of the ideas within the readership of his magazine.”

Dr. Paulo Correa and Alexandra Correa, biophysicists, close friends and collaborators:

“… It is a shame that the national media has not paid more attention to this crime and its investigation. Few understand that this was a crime pregnant with consequences, including the recent DOE report on Cold Fusion, the growing disorientation of the so-called New Energy movements, and the persistence of the erroneous notion that a hydrogen fuel-cell economy is viable. The unforgivable and brutal murder of Dr. Mallove could not have occurred at a worse moment for all those working tirelessly in the field of new energy. … We remain inconsolable with his loss and stand solidary with the Mallove family in demanding justice.”

Dr. Thomas Phipps:

“Eugene Mallove foresaw the need for vision and leadership in charting the unknown territories of cold fusion and low energy nuclear physics. He stepped forward and supplied both, taking the necessary lead with courage and at some personal sacrifice. Although it is probable that nothing can stop what he started, his loss is a cruel blow to hopes around the world for a rapid resolution of the scientific issues that remain to be settled. The eventual success of cold fusion and its inauguration of a new era in nuclear energy science — with possible untold benefits to mankind — will be his enduring monument.”

Dr. Scott Chubb, research physicist at the Naval Research Laboratory, IE Technical editor:

“Eugene Mallove stood for all that is great in science, in journalism, and in life. His persistence, dogged perseverance, and character, is embodied in his creation: Infinite Energy (IE) Magazine. In doing this, Eugene Mallove was an innovator. Forthrightly, he captured an important feature of science that seems to have been lost: curiosity and our ability to harness it. Beginning in 1995, he inspired in me an interest in work by Roger Stringham, involving sonofusion. … Countless examples exist about the impact of Eugene’s admonitions. He inspired other people, not only to be creative, honest, and sincere, in areas related to Cold Fusion, but, in other contentious areas of science. He created in all of us who knew him a desire to be creative about the things in life that really count: sincerity, seeking the truth, and being true to ourselves. Eugene Mallove not only stood for all that is great about science, and journalism, but in life. Most of all he believed in the truth, seeking the truth, and being sincere about seeking the truth. His loss is not only a loss for me, as a friend, but a deeper loss, for humanity as a whole.”

Roger Stringham, sonofusion theorist, IE author:

“Gene was special – his loss affects us all in different ways. I was proud to have known him. His involvement in the New Energy movement was his gift to the world. I will not forget his help.”

Christy Frazier, Managing Editor of Infinite Energy Magazine:

“… Gene’s loss is felt daily at the New Energy Foundation and in the field as a whole, but his unending enthusiasm for this work during his life encourages the Foundation and other colleagues to move forward. Gene served as a main contact for scientists, consumers and the media who were interested in new energy and cold fusion. As a testament to Gene’s relationship with new energy supporters, an anonymous donor provided funding to establish the Eugene F. Mallove Fund for New Energy Research at Portland State University; other individuals formed the donor-funded Eugene F. Mallove 1969 Fund at Gene’s alma mater, MIT, for scholarships for students working in the energy field.”

J. Douglas Kenyon, editor of Atlantis Rising:

“… to say that we were shocked would truly be an understatement. … We at Atlantis Rising had felt a special kinship with Gene. His own publication, ‘Infinite Energy’ which fought to right the wrongs of a corrupt scientific priesthood had been launched not long before our own venture. We also agreed with him that so-called ‘Cold-Fusion’ had been misrepresented and unfairly maligned and we included an interview with Gene and a story on the controversy in our second issue. … Gene was a heretic because he dared to question the doctrines of a physics priesthood interested more in its own power than in the facts. He knew from first-hand experience at MIT that the public had been deceived about the truth of cold fusion research. He never tired of arguing his case, and it seems especially poetic that his final column in issue #46 was entitled ‘Vindication?!’ … ”

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